About us

About Us

Kaytraders is India’s fastest growing exporter based in India.

Our focus is to source branded goods from India at low and competitive prices to satisfy the ever increasing demand worldwide. We carry a wide range of products. We specialize in Areca leaf plate, Garments, coir products, Bamboo products and Moringa with consistent availability, exceptional lead times and maximum product shelf life.

Our growth is attributed to a proficient team, all highly skilled in the intended industry with a wealth of experience. We are proud to boast an excellent customer service, which has created long-term relationships with customers and enabled us to retain their interest for future order creation.

Once relationships between customers are established, we frequently work alongside them to provide various credit arrangements to promote more trade and explore different avenues in their domestic economy to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our strong purchasing power has enabled us to source products at competitive prices and in bulk quantity, thus establishing a cost advantage. Such economies of scale at our disposal are extended to our customers, who benefit from the lowest prices, assisted with an excellent service and a high level of order accuracy. We also provide an in-house date coding and labelling service to meet destination legal requirements and produce labels to describe products and ingredients in different languages. We understand the importance of goods being delivered in a timely and secure fashion. We take utmost care in providing the most efficient and reliable professionals in logistics for packaging, consolidating and shipping goods worldwide. This is available in a variety of forms, multi-temperature, door-to-door, road, sea, and air freight.

Kaytraders provides an all-round service, which creates a one-stop shop that accommodates all of our customer needs. From the point your order is generated to its completion we provide a hands-on service, giving our customers the peace of mind that all factors of the process are efficiently handled with a continued support from our experienced Team. We understand the different aspects faced by customers, and work alongside them to ensure their needs are met.

  Our Vision
Teba, we thrive to provide the best service. Our Vision & Core is to operate and achieve the highest standards in the industry and become your only supplier. We aim to provide you with:
  • Deliver the best quality products
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Provide the most competitive pricing
  • 24*7 Help & Support you until you receive your order
  • Provide a stress free and simple solution
  Our services
We provide in house solutions to your ordering needs at the highest standard in the most efficient way, our services include:
  • Packaging
  • Consolidating Shipments
  • Documentation
  • Custom Labeling
  Shipping and Delivery
With our experienced logistic expert’s in house and selected key partners, we offer customers a reliable and proven shipping solution on a truly global scale. Whether it’s Ambient or Frozen, Pallets or Containers we can manage Delivery to nearest port and onwards to your business.